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Who is this for?

Deal Sponsors

Whether you’re looking to raise money for your hedge fund or a real estate deal, the Funding Mosaic platform offers a virtual meeting place for 506(c) deals.



The Funding Mosaic platform offers accredited investors access to niche deals across industries and capital structure. With deal terms, target IRR and size spelled out, investors can easily sift through deals.

About Us

A More Efficient Way of Connecting Capital with Projects
A better way of finding and funding deals.

Six years ago, the team at LendingCalc set out to develop software to allow investors to more efficiently participate in marketplace loans across various sectors (mainly "p2p" and real estate).

As that effort evolved, the team saw more and more high quality deals that did not fit within a particular existing platform and were too small to seek "traditional" methods of financing (debt or equity).

Conversely, investors were burning time trying to find investment deals while mostly relying on the same conferences and "cap-intro" events.

We launched this platform to go beyond just "crowdfunding" and provide an efficient, transparent marketplace for accredited investors to find interesting investment opportunities easily...and for deal sponsors to find capital more efficiently… all aided by technology.


For Investors

Open “niche”, institutional-quality alternative investment offerings not available in traditional stock and bond markets to a much larger audience through the use of technology.

For Sponsors

Eliminate the need to chase traditional, restrictive, and expensive financing through traditional banks and hedge funds.


Build an abundant and interactive community by connecting the rising cadre of savvy and passionate investors with alternative investment sponsors thinking outside the box to “turn over rocks” and uncover novel investment opportunities enabled by today’s tech-enabled and connected economy.


In addition to high target returns, we assess the quality and diversification benefit of each deal individually across four key criteria.

Experienced Sponsors

Our sponsors drive most of the value for each deal. Each of our operators has a proven track record of domain expertise, with most having skin in the game. They are the foundation of our community.

Collateral Backed

Deals on our platform are support by cash flow producing assets that may include real estate, settlements, invoices, etc. that the Sponsor manages on behalf of the deal.


Private direct investments largely move independently from traditional stocks and bonds, providing a true diversification benefit for investors.

Short Duration

The vast majority of our deals have a duration below 3 years, so that your capital is not locked up and can be deployed for more of life’s opportunities and needs


Ben McMillan

Prior to starting DigitalMosaic, Ben founded LendingCalc which developed software for institutional investors in Marketplace Loans (“p2p”). Previously, Ben also founded AlphaStratus which provided analytics software to hedge funds and was sold to eVestment in 2012.

Eugene Lee

Prior to DigitalMosaic, Eugene supervised operations and the research agenda for the marketplace loan analytics firm, LendingCalc. Prior to that, Eugene was a multi-asset trader and strategist at Neuberger Berman. Eugene began his career at Moody’s Analytics.

Janelle Bosek

Director of Operations
Janelle joined DigitalMosaic from Three Bridges Real Estate (“3BRE”) which she founded as a real estate consulting company in 2010.

Stephen Scott

Director of Business Development
Stephen Scott is the founding partner at BRIndexes and on the executive committee of DigitalMosaic. Stephen was previously Head of Liquid Alternatives at Van Eck Global. Prior to that, Stephen founded Explorer which was one of the earliest Hedge Fund platforms.

Julian Le Philippe

Prior to Digital Mosaic, Julian led quantitative and IT development teams to build risk management, reporting and prime brokerage solutions for Nordea Bank’s Digital Markets group. Prior to that, Julian was developing front and back end systems for SocGen’s trading and structured global finance desks.